Girls Basketball

Open to girls in grades 5 – 8, through two team levels, with season running from December thru February. Try-outs may be required if number of student-athletes exceeds appropriate total as determined by Athletic Director and Head Coach.

"A" Team  

The MSSE Girls "A" Basketball team (7-8) is part of a highly competitive division, resulting in quite a few barn-burners over the years. Whatever the final score at the buzzer, our girls play with dedication and honor, always understanding that sportsmanship is the real lesson. Through the efforts of our volunteer coaches, parents and relatives, our student-athletes have shown themselves to be true "Stars" on the court.


"B" Team  

Team B

The MSSE Girls "B" Basketball team (5-6) establishes a clear connection between individual performance and teamwork for our young student-athletes. The purpose of our program is to not only introduce and elevate the qualities of the sport, but to draw a clear path toward honest, faith-centered play right alongside the basic skills of the court.