Academic Policies

Academic Probation: A student may be placed on probation if his/her academic grade average is below a 2.0 for any report card or progress report. Academic probation will require a meeting with the principal, parents and student. A student on probation may not participate in the sports program, student council, or activities decided by the principal. Probation will be reevaluated at the next grading period. A student on probation for consecutive grading periods may be retained a grade or may be refused re-registration.
After School Homework Program: All students are required to complete all assignments. Missing work and incomplete assignments are not acceptable. Students in grades 4 – 8 will be required to attend the after school homework program on Tuesdays and or Thursdays to complete assignments. Parents will be notified in advance. The homework program is 3:15 – 4:15.
Assignment Notebook: Students in grades 2-8 will be given an assignment notebook the first week of school. Assignments are to be recorded on a daily basis. If the notebook is lost the student must replace it. The assignment record book must be brought to academic conferences and will be used as a device to assist students having difficulty or falling below a 2.0
Extra Credit: Teachers may occasionally offer extra credit assignments to students. Extra credit at Mary Star is offered to the entire class. Students and/or parents may not request or receive individual extra credit assignments to raise grades.
Grading: Mary Star of the Sea Elementary School uses the Archdiocese of Los Angeles student report card and grading scale. All grades are posted on and each parent is given an individual code for their child/ren. Assignments are graded and posted within a 2-week period or a 3-week period for large projects and essays.
Grades 3-8:
A   = 97-100%
A-  = 93-96%
B+ = 90-92%
B   = 87-89%
B-  = 85-86%
C+ = 80-84%
C   = 75-79%
C-  = 70-74%
D   = 65-69%
F   = 64% and below  
Grades 1-2:
E   = Exceeds Grade Level Expectations
M   = Meets Grade Level Expectations
T    = Time needed to meet Grade Level Expectations
Grades 1-8
-  = Area For Improvement
+ = Area For Strength
Non-Academic Subjects:
O  = Outstanding
G  = Good
S  = Satisfactory
NI = Needs Improvement
M  = Demonstrates Expected Development
X  = Demonstrates Emerging Skill
T  = Needs More Time To Develop
Homework: The purpose of homework is to reinforce material already taught and to foster habits of independent study. The following guidelines apply:
  • Assignment of homework is limited to days on which school is in session, unless make-up work or a long-term assignment is required.
  • Homework time allotments
Grade 1-2        Not to exceed ½ Hour
Grade 3-6        Not to exceed one (1) hour
Grade 7-8        Not to exceed two (2) hours
The amount of time spent doing homework differs with each student’s abilities and needs. If a student has consistent difficulty with homework assignments, or if too much time is spent in completing the assignments, the teacher should be notified. Explanatory notes from parents while appreciated do not excuse students from their assigned work. Students in grade 4- 8 will be required to attend the after school homework program to complete any missing or incomplete work.
Internet Access: Students in grades 4 – 8 have computer class once a week. Our computer lab does not have access to the Internet. Regardless students must have a signed user agreement and permission form on file. Internet access is a future goal and the majority of the Internet regulations conform to standard computer use as well. The computer teacher will send this form home at the beginning of each school year. All students must adhere to the guidelines. 
Make-up/Absent work: When a student is absent from school he/she is required to make up all the work and to take the tests missed.   When the student returns to school he/she is responsible to speak with the teacher, to obtain the missing assignments, complete the work, and take the tests within the time specified by the teacher. As a general rule, the student has one day for each day of absence to make up the work.
If your child is absent from school and you would like his/her class work please call the office by 10:00 a.m. on the day of absence. The work and books you request will be available at the main office between 2:45-3:00 or 12:30-12:45 on a half day. 
Projects and long-term assignments that have a specific due date are to be brought to the main office even if the student is absent from school. Projects not brought to school on the due day by 2:45 or 12:30 on a half day will receive a failing grade.
Retention Policy: The decision to promote a pupil to the next grade or to retain him/her in the present grade is made based upon a consideration of the overall welfare of the pupil, i.e., by carefully weighing academic, emotional, and social factors.
  • Parents are aware of their child’s progress by the corrected work sent home with the student, as well as the child’s progress reports, deficiency reports as applicable, and report cards.
  • Teachers will discuss with parents their evaluation of the student’s academic needs at Parent/Teacher conferences and may recommend some form of remedial help for the student.
  • The teacher will inform the principal of any student with significant learning problems. If retention is being considered there will be a meeting with the teacher, the parent(s), and the principal. The parents will be required to sign a letter informing them of this consideration.
  • The final decision to retain a student is the responsibility of the principal.
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to recognize that the parochial school does not meet the needs of every student. Therefore the student is transferred from the school. The final decision to transfer a student is determined by the principal. 
Student Progress: Mary Star of the Sea Elementary School is on the trimester system. Student grades are available on line at at all times. 
Formal assessments are as follows:
·         Progress Reports: To all students at the 30th day of the trimester
·         Deficiency Reports: To any student with a grade average 72% or lower on the 45th day of the trimester
·         Report Cards: To all students on the 60th and last day of the trimester
The Parent is asked to review the report and sign and return within 1 week. Progress Reports and Report Cards are handed to each student; Deficiency Reports are mailed. All dates for reports are on the school calendar.
Supplies: All students are required to have in their possession each day the necessary school supplies (pens, paper, pencils, etc.). A supply list is placed inside the final marking period report card or given to the student upon enrollment.
Summer Reading or Practice: Each student is required to be reading one or more books during the summer and/or practicing specific skills. This information is noted on the student’s supply list. The students may be tested on the material.
Testing and Assessment: In addition to textbook and teacher prepared tests, The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) is administered to all students in grade 2-8 in the fall. Please check the dates on the school calendar and insure that your child is present for all days of testing.
Unexcused Absence: Absences for reasons other than those outlined in theEducation Code are unexcused. Students will be required to makeup work at the afterschool homework program and unexcused absences may result in a lower grade for both assignment and behavior.