Parent Board

The Parent Club Board is made up of parents whose children attend the school.  The board serves in an advisory capacity, with members chairing various events and services of the school.  A year's term is for 12 months (August through July.)  

President:                        Kirsten Keating
Vice President:                Theresa Blackwell
Secretary:                        Michelle Nunez                                  

Liaison to the Consultative School Board:   Michelle Nunez

Board Members:  Maria Barbieri, Brenda Barrigan, Amy Bruschi, Cynthia Brkic, Jiltrice Crawford, Melissa Cordero, Christina Cruz, Dolores Garcia, Erika Garcia, Adam Gonzalez, Patti Gutierrez, Maria Martinez, Jessica Ortega, Diane Peralta,  Angie Ramsden, Carina Torres